Depth of Field, volume 5, no 1 (December 2014)Steven Humblet: A Modern Perspective of the European City. 100 X Berlin by Laszlo Willinger and 100 X Paris by Germaine Krull

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In 1929, two books were published by the German publisher Verlag der Reihe concerning the modernising European city. One book was about Berlin, authored by the Hungarian photographer Laszlo Willinger; the other presented Paris, containing photographic shots taken by the German-French photographer Germaine Krull. This article analyses not only the different visual strategies employed by each of these photographers to translate this process of modernisation into photographic images, but as well devotes attention to the format in which these images were presented, specifically the photobook. Through a detailed examination based on layout and design, this article attempts to clearly demonstrate how the photobook enables its reader to experience the city from a new and characteristically modern perspective.